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1 hr Herd mix on Headphone Commute - FSOLdigital

Guest beetles

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Guest beetles


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I discovered Herd‘s sound only last year, when he released another installment in his Tangents series on Future Sound of London‘s own label, fsoldigital. I’ll be honest, being a huge fan of everything FSOL since the early 90s, I was immediately blown away! I still play Lifeforms every time I need to enter a world of experimental downtempo and leftfield psychedelia. It’s one of my all time favorite albums! And now I added Herd to that list. Jason Thomson takes the perfected dark ambient formula and makes it even better! For this exclusive Headphone Commute mix, Thomson pays a tribute to the beloved sound:


This mix is a nod to the legendary 3D Headspace/ISDN transmissions which were broadcast by The Future Sound of London in the mid to late 1990s. These soundscapes as well as the Radio One Essential mixes were what inspired me to begin making music many years later. The tracklist contains exclusive Herd material alongside FSOLdigital label mate Seafar as well as a healthy dose of FSOL themselves. Alongside are other artists whose tracks in some way reflect “the interplay of light and dark” for which FSOL became famous for.


I am honored to host this beautiful journey and am pretty sure that it will remain on my rotations for many years to come. I hope you feel the same! Please enjoy responsibly…







Herd – Terminal Window

FSOL – We Have Explosive Part 5

Daniel Pemberton – Yusei Ramen

Funckarma – Kaon Interlude

FSOL – Quagmire

The Orb – Shem

Inception OST – Old Souls

Oberman Knocks – Bronic

Herd – Tangent 43

David Sylvian and Robert Fripp – Darshan (Reconstructed by FSOL)

The Fifth Element OST – Mondoshawan

Banco De Gaia – Souffie

Oberman Knocks – Indomine

Autechre – Gantz Graf

Funckarma – Amon Velvet

Amorphous Androgynous – Fat Cat

FSOL – Linear Block

Legiac – Pinch Era

FSOL – Dark Matter

Roly Porter – Tieliax

RVXJochem Paap – MRG

Herd – Tangent 39

2NGNJochem Paap-JCHM

FSOL – Light Forming

Secede – Last Hours

28 Days Later Soundtrack – Jim’s Dream

Herd – Untitled

Akkya – And Now It Has All Gone Forever

Peter Gabriel – In Doubt

Yage – Mountain Cloud Descending

Dadavistic Orchestra – Strung Valve Checkout

Kaon – Dusk Above Arkona

Andrea Parker – Time Zones

Goldmund – Turqouise Hexagon Sun

FSOL – The Silent Place

Andrea Parker – Too Strange To Be Good

Legiac – Actind

Herd – Untitled

Herd – Untitled

Seafar – Small Pieces

Seafar – Acid Window

Herd – Tangent 46

Herd – Untitled

Akkya – Our Thoughtless Century

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