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How many of you in the US know who Cliff Richard is?

Guest abusivegeorge

Cliff Richard  

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He was all over the radio back in the day here in the US. Your partner is not well informed.


Define "back in the day"?

The 70's. We Don't Talk Anymore is in my Dads old vinyl collection. He is also very American.
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Guest abusivegeorge

Thanks all for the participation, I guess she was right!


I am yet to meet anyone in the states who knows who he is. I find it quite astonishing.


Me too, although I'm not a fan of his music nor do I know many people that are I still find it astonishing due to his massive success worldwide, almost every friend from other countries I talk to know who he is, I.E. countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Canada. However, every single friend from the USA I have that is over the age of 50, know who he is. So maybe it's just a generation thing.

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