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Jürgen Müller is Panabrite

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Ah, it's too fucking obvious, Jürgen Müller is Panabrite. After those sound samples at Boomkat from the new Digitalis (of course) release. Way too easy. And the description has this to say:


"...maverick soundscaper Norm Chambers, aka Panabrite. Over the last few years he's amassed a small library of exceptional material for the likes of Gift Tapes, Aguirre and Digitalis, plus one rather special pearl, a real scene classic, produced incognito and which we've been sworn to secrecy over."


And the dude does a bunch of aquatic themes on his other stuff http://www.discogs.com/artist/Panabrite


I knew that 1982 German marine researcher / one-off analogue synth record story was too cool to be true. Well +1 to Digitalis for getting us lap up that press release. I'm not disappointed.

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never really believed the story. it's a sweet record in any case.

indeed. the whole jurgen muller not having a discogs page or any mentions online outside this "reissue" was enough to keep me unconvinced

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Yep. Before I started going through more Panabrite material at the start of the year (Cloud Prism pretty much spells it out), this kinda tipped me off:




"Remastered from the original tapes by Brad Rose with help from Norman Chambers."

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this is kinda undeniable, isn't it?


i was just listening to panabrite's "contemplating the observatory" and the track "soft soil" is clearly a version of the first track on the jurgen muller record, "jenseits des stromes."

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