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a file I found at a mental institution

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so yeah strange thing happened yesterday,

I went to the hospital, to get my methadone as usual, and very time I do, I have to pass the mental home, a section located under the substitutes office. As I was passing I saw that person starring right into the wall, just before I could get to the stairwell.

It was apparently a girl, not older than 15, I reckoned as she slowly turned away from the wall.

she had that look I new, with the chin down to her breast, and that raised stare in her eyes, where you see a lot of a snowy landscape drenched in sunlight. Her face looked like rubber, and her mouth formed a strange but familiar grin.

she pulled down her panties, without even moving a muscle in her face, no one was around, and I thought: that will get me in trouble again, like back than when I was a teacher …, but she pulled something out of her vagina, so fast I could't see it. To my surprise it was a micro sd card, she gave me. I was confused, but walked away fast. Back at home, there was some kind of encrypted file on the sd. I had to contact my jewish friend from mossad I knew back from the days. He said the only way to encrypt it would be to find the first motorola cpu that was used in the very first unofficial mac, but he managed to find one, and here it is, I dunno what it is, but I thought I would just leave it here.




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Guest sirch

what ?


..the fuck...


Story was contrived.


The tune was nice, could use some 808.


and another 2 mins. and no story next time.

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