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The 99% Of Musicians - Lester Chambers


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That's the core of what is wrong (and what was always wrong) about the major music labels: it was never about making sure artists getting their fair share. At the point in history when records were developed and writing songs for distribution was feasible, music became a commodity for people to profit off of. The few musicians who have were smart and/or lucky in the way the signed contracts and dealt with labels are the ones who became super rich. Or they simply started their own labels and distribution deals. Most of the Top40 celebrities, especially rappers, wine and dine on the record labels credit cards, it's not their actual money (Guys like Lil' Jon and Flo Rida, not the actual moguls like P Diddy or Jay-Z or Snoop Dog).


I'm sadly not shocked by Lester Chambers' situation. Black musicians, even ones that are household names and undeniable legends, lived from gig to gig until the 60s and 70s, and even those of that era were screwed over in regards to writing credits and licensing. Anyone here see the documentary about "The Lion Sleeps Tonight?" It's insane how much money that song made that never went to either to original songwriters nor the first two major American musicians who covered it.

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