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something random looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

"Are you any kind of Ahtist? You're no Ahtist. The Ahtist respects the Silence that serves as the foundation of Creativity."

He isn't wrong, though. There is something entitled and complacent about terrible street musicians that ruin the day of thousands of pedestrians (usually some dumb ass "countercultural" neohippis). Th

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Ahhh my man

Back at it again!

Always here when shit hits the fan

The only exception to the rule

Is when BoC is so cruel

They make us wait and wait

I've got a message for the boys: it's getting late!


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On 6/24/2019 at 4:36 AM, Zeffolia said:

If humans went extinct would any current species that would survive an apocalyptic scenario be capable of picking back up and carrying the torch of intelligent organization that humans are taking part in?  Or are they trapped in evolutionary dead ends without the opposable thumbs necessary to manipulate the world in a way that is detailed enough from which to learn further manipulation skills?  Would some species eventually come down this path again?  Seems unlikely for cockroaches but rats seem like a definite option if they increased their size, their hands are very dexterous



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Bolena ass walking in a beige bikina at the greek beach.

Brunardo was the readiest to make those trips to the icy hoeland

11S is a less flagrant Rothschild psyop than coronashit, #stayhome dude

fun incesto jugs

modular gods grow the devilish essences to not keep an eye on holy discharges

pipe pipers reloaded

art, honor and vale tudo

The wood never was ready for your ingratitude

pull a girl and gently caress her hair while your audacity Static X remixes are banging the cars subwoofers

liver intentional magick wishes while whyskying in decisive cocktail drunk meetings

parties best honest options are interactions of you and a random woman always, the other things are just social ego masks personas

baby born comedies, at last lol haha

tiny girl with glasses, oh boy cool moments ahead

India is your open jaws destination, I am foreseeing it bro. Curry is handy and misticism palpable

The red forces are open up to playful illusions. America is happy with it




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Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger
badger badger
Mushroom mushroom-a-
Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger
badger badger
Mushroom mushroom-a-
Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger
badger badger
Argh! snake a snake! snaaake! a snaaaake, oooh its a snake!
its a
Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger
badger badger
Mushroom mushroom

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Renoise - https://www.renoise.com/products/renoise

Always visit https://www.renoise.com for the latest releases (other sites may 
have obsolete versions and/or outdated links).

           _:__________:_                              _:__________:_
      __    |          |                                |          |    __
 .____\/____|_        _|________________________________|_ pzk+BM _|____\/____.
 |    \/    |          |                                |          |    \/    |
 |          |          |         _________________      |          |          |
 |          :          |       ._\               /_.    :          |          |
 : _________  _______  :   ____|____.              | ___. _______  : _______  :
 ._\ ._    /._\  ___/__.___\        |              |_\__|_\   __/__._\  ___/__.
 |   |/  _/_|    _/    |    \       |      _.      |    |  \___    |    _/    |
 |    \     |    \     |     \      |      \|      |    |    |/    |    \     |
 '----/_____|----/_____|---/________|              |____|----/_____|----/_____|
 :          .          .       |_                 _|    .          .          .
 |          |          |        /________________\      |          |          |
 |    __    |          |                                |          |    __    |
 |____\/____|_        _|________________________________|_        _|____\/____|
      \/    |          |                                |          |    \/
           _|__________|_                              _|__________|_
            :          :                                :          :


Please read the online tutorials at https://tutorials.renoise.com.

Also try out the demo songs that are accessible in the help window menus in 
Renoise. There you will also find some tutorial songs, which show some abilities 
of Renoise. Just listen to them and have a closer look what's happening there.

Please report any bug that you find to [email protected] or at the
bug report forum at https://forum.renoise.com

Registered users:

Registered versions can be downloaded at https://backstage.renoise.com

Please contact [email protected] if you have troubles logging into
the private area, or have questions about the releases, website.

Please note that when upgrading Renoise, any third party tools you might have
installed will also need updating.

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دوست داری با من برقصی؟

አንድ ቋንቋ ብቻ በቂ አይደለም

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i am a gay, corpulent dwarf with diabetes. i am severely jaundiced. i am jewish and homosexual. i am from turkey. i am a 9 year old black muslim. i love baubles and doodads. i am an uncircumcised nascar dad. i am only wearing a peru flag. i am a gay conservative. i am against kwanza. i live with my parents. i am on disability. i am on welfare. i am 7 feet tall. i am against gays. i love the koran and islam. i want to walk someday. i live in a bunker. i am a proud anime dad. i am a gracious grandpa. i am a gay gramp. i love kwanza. i love diabetes. i am against anime. i want to be an anime. i am from peru. i am a gay peru grandad. i am only wearing moccasins. i am only wearing a fanny pack filled with medical supplies. i am against dwarfs. i am a nascar muslim. i love weed. i have high-fuctioning autism. i am an arab dwarf. i am a wiccan dad. i am a deranged nascar papa. i am a humble, gay muslim. i eat moss. i eat bones. i eat bags. i am from carlsbad caverns. i am a wiccan burn victim. i am against islam. i work in a satchel factory. i work in a korn factory. i am a muslim soccer gramp. i am a gay soccer muslim. i am 11 years old. i am an anime. i love glaucoma anime. i am from chad. i am a gay chad dwarf. i am a soccer vamp. i love weed and soccer. i love weed and the torah. i love cooters. i love a girl's snatch. i love a girl's cooch. i love a gay dad's anime dick. i love a gramp's swollen soccer dick. i am an uncircumcised puerto rican pap pap. i love a gay kwanza fiesta. i am from kwanza. i am an autistic anime soccer dad. i am only wearing a soccer bag. i am the dad of your dreams. i am a wiccan grandpa in the sewers. i live in the sewers. i am 3 feet tall. o am looking at a koran with binoculars. i am looking at a cooter with binoculars. i love a gay dwarf's cooter.

-bart simpson

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Squid ticklin’ ragamuffins triflin’ all up in my shit. Heated. Dead-ass

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