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best planet mu dubstep comp


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the burial track on the first box of dub is really special and a little different for him.

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I second the soul jazz comps. Also, avoid buying the Rephlex Grime series, at least no until you preview them. I was underwhelmed by those tracks personally.




Another good one:




Great little freebie comp:




If you have some time to stream casually, especially while working, I'd check out this turntable.fm room: http://turntable.fm/future_garage_2step_uk_dubstep_grime. It scrobbles to last.fm if you use Chrome. Hear new stuff quite often, and they're good about quality control for the most part.

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Warrior Dubz touches on a lot more than dubstep, but I agree it is one of the best comps that Mu has released. I thought 10 Tons Heavy was a little underwhelming, but it's okay.

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