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cubus - tainted


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OOAaaaaar, me be pirates.


I've just finished another track'uns which I thought I'd sure to you lovely peopole. It's a more droney-ambient job-sandwich a la my other tracks so I feel slightly more comfortable with it. I'm finding my feet again with Buzz after about a 5 month absence and I'm starting to get the hang of actually not making shit tracks again.



I hope you likes it anyway. Kinda loud and on headphones is bestest


Click me, click me, then yo' gonna hear me



El Brooko


(apologies If I sound drunk, I've got an insane headdy-cold just started and I seem to be loosing my grip on coherent narrative)

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Guest yan_g of course!

ooh perfect for browsing the net before giong to bed (i'm stoned - perfect music for that state :) ) i should lay down in front of my speakers, that would be a good idea! i like the sounds in the background, they give some realistic feel of something happening, but you can't define what it is. enhances the mystery aspect of the track. reminds of some tracks i have on a smak record. :)

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Guest Josefmcb

i likes it. nice. proper chilled, that.. very soundtracky.. i'd agree with yan g - it moves at a really good pace for a stoner!

is something awry in my setup or does it clip a little in a couple o' places?

also a couple of those squeaky-blippy noises caught me by surprise- seemed a little too loud maybe..>?? just one or two of the blighters mind, and all they did was stop me nodding off!

good workmanship there laddy.JK

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*falls off chair*


*stretches + yawns*


man, this is some trancement, and no mistake. :)


reminds me o' biosphere/µ-ziq, and such a comparisson can't be s' bad, now can it.

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Guest Chimp Logic

Tasty goodness. This is.

I love the ambience that is slowly developing with the panning percussive elements.

Very soundtrack-esque. In a great way.

Lovely. Just lovely.


More please. :)



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I've just updated the top link with a slightly cleaner sounding version. With slightly more subtle advance of the scary noise to get you prepared.


Thank you everyone for the fantastic comments. You made my otherwise rather crappy Wednesday far more worthwhile....

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