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Cementimental Harsh Noise Graphic Novel

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Have you guys seen this?




I've been meaning to buy this for like 2 years and I finally got it yesterday. I've never seen anything like this. It reminds me of trying to make sense of weird NES sprites/tiles when I was a kid, and messing around in DOS paint programs on my dad's 286 (I think the one I used was called RainbowPaint).


It's somehow both relaxing and exciting. I'm enjoying trying to make sense of the images, imagining what they could represent - a lot of them look like maps or circuit boards. Scanning the patterns with my eyes puts these weird sounds in my mind. I could see this being a nice source of musical inspiration.


Cementimental's noise/drone material is cool, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

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Well they're not really random, they seem to be the result of just messing around. There's definitely no concrete narrative.


But I like that, it's liberating not having that baggage. You can just make up what the patterns are supposed to represent or how they came into being. Or just enjoy the raw textures without any story, let alone color or value gradation.

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nice, as you say, would probably make a good source for inspiration. Might get this when I get paid...


This one reminds me of Conway's "Game of Life"



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From da Cementimental website


"Cementimental Live photo by Daniel Clough"


WONDER WHO DAT IS :emotawesomepm9:


Oh, you should totally buy his book/noise.



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conways game of life/some other cellular automata + edge detect filter in photoshop


easily done, but i like it regardless

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wanna validate my theory on how you did it? :emotawesomepm9:

well the description of the book does say "300 pages of pixel-noisescapes, created soley using the antique mac paint app LightningPaint."

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