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A couple of weekends ago, the App Olympics took place in several cities across the globe (but mostly in Europe and the US, I guess.) The concept was to gather a group of idea people, mobile app developers and designers, form teams around the ideas presented and (as far as is possible) make an app over the weekend, culminating in each app being judged by an expert panel. The winner would then go on to compete with the other winning apps from each city via an online vote until an überwinner emerged.

So I took part in the Berlin event. The team I joined had the idea of making an iPad app to teach children to brush their teeth. The result is ToothBrushy and you can see some pics on the website. We had a small team: I was the developer, Michael was the ideas man and we were gifted with talented illustrator Dana, who made the app look really slick. Sadly we didn’t win (that accolade deservedly went to Unlock Your Brain, a way to force smartphone using kids to become smart) but I’m happy to report we came second, and were awarded “best execution,” which given the talent involved in the competition was something I was proud to take away, even if we did miss out on being flown to Silicon Valley. There is some evidence of the weekend on the Facebook page of the Ahoy workspace, where the event took place.

I like hackathons and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one, perhaps there’ll be another Music Hack Day soon?


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