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"Obscure" Rephlex


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One of my more recent faves in obscure / underrated Rephlex albums is this one: https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Normandeau-Sonars/release/49916


Would've loved to have more of these on Rephlex, and from what I remember from AFX's comments on soundcloud, he did too.

The track "Spleen" overwhelmed me the first time I heard it. I felt like I was child being eaten by a tiger.


If you want more like Normandeau, Chantal Dumas (http://www.electrocd.com/en/bio/dumas_ch/discog/) and Monique Jean (http://www.electrocd.com/en/bio/jean_mo/discog/) scratch that itch. They make some of the best modern electroacoustic music I've ever heard.


This Jean piece is extraordinary: http://www.electrocd.com/en/radio/?poste=cat_imed_0366&audio=1796#audio:1796


Fanks, will definitely check!

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12 minutes ago, Joyrex said:

I wonder who gets the money from sales now... the artists?

I'd say Rephlex got paid for those release by the distributor long ago and passed on whatever fees they agreed with the artists at the time. I hope so anyway, I'd be surprised if Rephlex didn't have solid distribution deal.

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2 hours ago, Enthusiast said:

I'd say Rephlex got paid for those release by the distributor long ago and passed on whatever fees they agreed with the artists at the time. I hope so anyway, I'd be surprised if Rephlex didn't have solid distribution deal.

Ah - I thought we were talking digital! Never mind!

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Didn't know where else to post this..

Yee-King has shared some info on some of the uploads from SuperUser (happened a while ago, but didn't find any posts on it..)




This track was done with an Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, an Akai S950 (12 bit, borrowed from Jamie Lidell) and a Roland E20. All the drums come from the s950. The arpeggio bit at the end is the built in sine wave sound on the S950 going though a Dod envelope follower pedal. The Amiga 500 was used as a realtime 8 bit effects unit which is where most of the reverb comes from. The 1200 was running Octamed, used only as a MIDI sequencer in this case.

Oh and to add to the technical production info below, I made this track in 1997 but it was released in 2000 after Richard James was at my mate Chris Marshall's place and Chris was playing a CD of my unreleased tracks I'd given him for his birthday. Aphex got in touch with Grant, Grant got in touch with me, the record got released 🙂 Annoyingly, the reviewers at the time said it was a bit derivative, but they didn't know it was 3 years old already. Some of the other tracks on the SuperUser album were 4 years old. So there you go.




This track was made using sounds from a Roland E20 synthesizer. The Crunch part of the name comes from a Yamaha TC800 GL (check it out!) cassette deck, which included a limiter and was great for overdrive effects. It was sequenced using Octamed 6 running on an Amiga 1200. The reverb and suck in effect was made using sound forge. I think I reversed the track, put the reverb on it then put it back the right way again.




This track was MIDI sequenced using Octamed 6 running on a stock Amiga 1200. There are two sets of drum samples, playing out of an Akai S950: firstly Roland TR-606, then the Lyn Collins Think (I think....) break comes in later. But it wasn't just any old TR-606 - it was Richard James' TR-606 that I sampled, which had been modded to have separate outs for all the sounds. He'd lent it to my mate Jordan (Railway Raver) and he lent it to me. Stupidly I didn't steal it 🙂 Actually I was aiming for a bit an homage to the Railway Raver sound on this one but I ended up going crazy with the drums and kind of missing the desired effect. There is a pretty gnarly synth that comes in later. That is a wavetable synth running on the Amiga sound chip, programmed with the wavetable programmer that was built into Octamed.


Also relevant to this thread is this channel which has a ton of Rephlex (not all but alot!) and some other cool stuff including this album in full!

 (as an aside I made a thread to share cool music yt channels like this one if yall got any)

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Some of the rarities mentioned on this thread that I haven't seen posted are currently up in full in the channel I mentioned 






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Tragic news, the Holly Hotfoot channel which had a big chunk of these lovely Rephlex albums uploaded is now closed.. hence all of my links are now broken :sad:

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Posted (edited)
On 3/22/2012 at 7:26 AM, joshuatxuk said:
  • Does anyone actually own this release? The one called 100% that consists of mailbox recordings.
  • Anyone here manage to acquire all of the Universal Indicator releases?

I have the 100 % Genuine CD (I've played it a lot on top of my ambient sets, as well as Scanner's 1.1 and 1.2), and I have all the Universal Indicators. Discogs tells me that I have 210 RePHLeX releases, but there's plenty of CD/vinyl overlap. I think I have almost everything (that was possible to find) on vinyl up to CAT157 (a lot of the albums on CD as well), then it gets a lot more selective.

AFX/Caustic Window, µ-Ziq , Vibert & Simmonds, Vulva, Mike Dred/Kosmik Kommando, Synectics, Kinesthesia, X-Asp, Cylob, Seefeel, D'Arcangelo, The Gentle People, Bochum Welt, Chaos A.D., Lektrogirl, 808 State, DMX Krew, Transllusion, Arpanet, Drexciya, Leo Anibaldi... there's a cornucopia of absolutely essential releases in there.

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