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Do you guys play an instrument?

Danny O Flannagin

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Just wonder what you guys play besides your computers. I play a bit of guitar and can sort of read music.


Also wondering if there are any good (preferably free) websites with online lessons to something like guitar or piano

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guitar (primary)

piano (a bit rusty since I don't actually own one)

drums (see above)

fretless bass (getting there)


trying to learn how to sing properly too.

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Guest Lindrum Larry Cocopipe

I played guitar for many years before I ever thought about electronic music and I still pick up my beautiful Ovation every single day. I think it actually hinders me a little. I find it very difficult to break away from the mentality of composing with chords when doing electronic.

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guitar, bass (acoustic/electric/slide/fretless/12 string/whatever else)

mandolin, banjo, harp, whatever the fuck else with strings

didgeridoo (still tryna circular breath)




beer bottle


xylophone, glockenspiel, other similar stuff

steel guitar

can get pretty autechresque on the djembe, bongos, etc, percussion comes naturally, like, i know i can play steel drums even though i've never touched one in my life, and anyone else can too. anything within arms reach is tested and tried for it's resonant capabilities when struck. (can only play basic rhythms on a basic drum set/haven't interacted with them much)



whatever I can get my hands on

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I can play piano, kind of. I mostly just noodle around in pentatonic plus B and F and maybe C and G if I feel like it. I don't even know what I'm doing most of the time.


I can play a bit of Joplin, and the Mario Bros theme song if that counts for anything.

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ive played classical piano for fifteen years, i did half of a degree in it but unfortunately it was insanely difficult. i still love to play though, learning



and ravels set of valse noble et sentimentale atm.


the scriabin is pretty challening, but the joy that flows through me as i get closer to perfecting the ecstatically furious sections is incredible.

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Did you guys take classes or did you teach yourself?

Self taught mostly. Theory was something I figured out on my own when I was a kid playing with casios, then years later I skimmed through a book & was all "oh hey there's names for this stuff". I took vocal lessons for a while which was a lotta fun. Want to get more when I have some more steadier income.

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i taught myself to play guitar and read music. i kinda stopped playing guitar for several years after taking up keys and eventually starting sequencing shit on pcs, but i recently am rediscovering the instrument. it's hella fun to blast out some heavy distortion with slight flanger and do some silly hard rock solos.


but i can play anything really. i used to record demos all by myself from drums to rhodes so i got the basics of all of the 'rock band' instrumentation. i'm especially good at drums, would love to still have them around.

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I came to post 'skin flute' too. :(


essines, I had no idea you played all that stuff. For some reason I thought you just headbanged. I have blasphemed. I have underessinestimated you.



edit: I play bass, drums, guitar, suck at keyboards ... and my Zelda ocarina lol


In high school I learned to play jazz on an upright bass; that was really cool!

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