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Guest mischjok

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Guest Hermann

Mmm I like when people use voice samples but often when such a short sample is looped it becomes too repetitive and obvious and you find it difficult to listen to the rest of the music. But you made it nice and blended in at the beginning, so it´s not too obvious. I thank you sir!

Nice track too, I liked it :)

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Guest mischjok

There are two voice samples. One at the beginning, which is only used once and another one, a computer-generated one which stands for "Vocals"....I ran it through a vocoder to make it sing. I am glad you liked the tune.

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      This album is IDM perfection. Lusine's best work to date.... It's so coherent yet it's a compilation album. I'd like to recommend this record to everyone as it's a personal favorite of mine (not that that's worth anything but i dont care lol)
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      Now Up For Pre Order..

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      releases May 26, 2018 

      So I’ve had this idea for years, and finally its coming to life, thru a release on Touched. I wanted to do something bigger with my musical power for a good cause. I have an amazing network of musical friends, and almost everybody I asked to get involved said yes. I just want to make a statement, we all have power to do something good in this world, just think about it what it is for yourself and think of ways to make it happen. 

      3 years ago I adopted a rottweiler from the shelter, he was in the shelter for 2 years. From all the dogs I took walks with I connected the most with him. And although he is a handful, I love him more than anything in the world. And it opened up my eyes even wider how I connect with them, mostly better than with humans. 

      I just love animals, and dogs in particular. It was clear I wanted to pick a charity that helps dogs, nothing grabs me more by the throat than the horrific situation for dogs in the dog meat trade in Asia. I supported the soi dog foundation a couple of times already so this was a logical choice to focus on them. They do amazing stuff in the whole of Asia. 

      Mission Statement of soi dog: 
      To improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty. 


      I want to thank anyone that has participated to bringing this release to life. The whole release turned out even more fantastic than I could have imagined. Thanks everyone. 

      First of all Martin from Touched music.  

      Musicians : 

      Martin Nonstatic 


      Ben Fowler 




      Ben Milstein 







      Sixis & Shwex 

      Julien Mier  


      Art : SHVLFCE 

      Mastering : Bob Macc at Subvert Central Mastering 

      And Rip Thomas Denis aka Qebrus. He was supposed to do a remix, we were talking about it a lot, unfortunately it didn’t work out. I hope he has found his peace now. See you on the other side.  
      soundcloud.com/qebrus license   

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      Set I played last year at rave on a farm in the Scottish Highlands. House/Braindancey. Stay tuned for the Colundi Cowbell Solo at the end.   Crazy Penis - There's A Better Place Axel Boman - Son of A Plumber Dave Monolith - FlenHix Soul Center - Boot Box Luke Vibert - Officer's Club Kornel Kovacs - Dance... While the Record Spins Liz Torres - Your Love is All I Need (Dub Mix) Claro Intelecto - Dependant Wav Fuzz - Neo's Jam Throwing Snow - Lumen Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Acid Edit) Lusine - Eyes Give In Tim Wright - Section 7 Marc Houle - Undercover Lone - Vapour Trail Dapayk Solo - Tyffaniecell (Sutekh's "March of the Valkuries" Remix) Aleksi Perala - UK74R1512130 Cursor Miner - Mad Cow (Free Range Version)  

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      Album is up for preorder in a plethora of different editions with varying amounts of additional content in the form of instrumentals, remixes, etc.
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      Previews / Bandcamp link: http://adnoiseam.bandcamp.com/album/conversions
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