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Poborsk - Waiting for Junior


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Guest interr0bangr

Has anyone heard Droïd Topiary Frame? I've wanted to listen to it for awhile but it seems like there's no samples/media out there for it and I don't really want to make a blind/deaf buy.

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Guest mrgypsum

between this, the cygnus and seesaw release its really a no brainer - 6.50 for the cassette AND the download?? also there is some serious retro thing going on with the music, it sounds really great.

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Guest sirch

well £6.50 is the minimum they're asking. you can pay more if you want :)


..could just round it up to a tenner.

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    • By SDEM
      hi, got a new thing out.. tapes will be ready to post out around 6th dDecember .ch ch check it

      Radio Syg.ma is a live set originally created for the Russia based podcast https://radio.syg.ma/
      comprising spectral ambience, pattern synthesis, mutant electronics and complex high-frequency textures.
      Archived on Pro-Dubbed Limited Cassette / Digital
      Artwork by Takashi Aoki , LED printed directly on the cassette shell.
      Release: 6 December 2019 


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      SYNCAV by SDEMBest thing I’ve heard all year.
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      Archival release, very Skam. Recommended.
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      By Guest icasea
      "Mutant Sponge Importer" is Poborsk's first EP release for ICASEA, showcasing his sci-fi atmospheres, deep production and gifts for strong composition and melody.
      Poborsk (FR) has been active in producing electronic music since 1999. His first releases for net-labels Filament Recordings & Plastiqpassion in 2006 quickly gained interest and lead to the release of a full length CD for Cactus Island and a vinyl EP on Tsuku Boshi.
      28:06:2010 (WORLD)
      30:06:2010 (日本)
      & many more...
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