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New Tool record end of year?


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Guest theSun

lateralus is maybe the most perfect album ever made.


always fun to hear new tools, but i feel like they've peaked.

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Well, hopefully it will be sometime in the fall or end of year. Record it over the summer June/July, mix and master for another month and manufacture it another month. 10,000 days had Justin on the forefront and it seems like he might also be on this new one. Don't mind it, he's a badass bass player.

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Well, on the video clip Carey seems to think that they are very near ready to record and it seems that they only go to the studio when they have most of the songs done, so I have hope. A new Tool album will come out before a new BoC album.

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what would you like to wager?


Not money as I am not made of it. Some sort of avatar bet with bragging rights? I dunno. Why do you think that BoC will come out with a new album before Tool? There hasn't been anything even resembling a timeline of when a new BoC album might come out. But we know that Tool is planning to start recording in June/July and how long it should take.

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I'll put my avatar where my mouth is. Unless azatoth chips in, I am willing to bet you, as I don't believe BoC are doing fuck all. My faith in BoC has completely failed.


Unless you are G n' R (or MBV), when rock bands say they are gonna do summat they generally deliver the goods.


But we should see what azatoth say's first....

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