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Mark Fell & Joe Gilmore - Space

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New podcast: COMPOSING WITH PROCESS: PERSPECTIVES ON GENERATIVE AND SYSTEMS MUSIC #6.1. Space, curated by Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore


Link: http://bit.ly/H3hWzb


The sixth episode in the series considers the relationship between process-based music and space. It explores how musicians and composers have used acoustic space as an active element in music composition. Some historical precedents, such as Tibetan and medieval chanting, are included; acoustic space has not only been explored externally, but also internally, as physiological space. We look at several examples of music which explore these principles, including: Austrian composer Peter Ablinger's exploration of acoustic space using silence and noise; and Italian composer Agostino di Scipio's 'Audible Eco-Systems' which explore the real-time interaction between digital signal processing (DSP) and the space in which it is located. The show closes with two performative works which differ in their approach: '495, 63' by Yasunao Tone and Carl Michael von Hausswolff's freq_out project.


Related info: http://bit.ly/H2Jcyv

Follow us at http://twitter.com/Radio_Web_MACBA

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