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Aphex Twin interviews thread


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Another one. MELODY MAKER june 19, 1993

I guess he talk about Phlegm earlier this year on that big epic story:

Lastly before I got upset by r&s I sent them a c90 tape in excitement that they wanted to release my stuff and i FILLED it with my best tracks at the time and he never got it! phew, phew I was so relieved, coz as soon as i posted it off I wanted to get it back, I wonder where that tape ended up????

And one of his first uploads Archponf in january was from Phlegm


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Let's revive the topic a bit

Q Magazine, november 2014, the greatest comback of last decade (
was more recently, but more than 5 years have passed... time don't run so fast please :confuzzled:)






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Richard before and after Internet

23 y. o. Richard from The Wire article:


That's not me at all, I'm much more logical. I'm pretty old school when it comes to things like that. I have to see things before I believe them.


43 y. o. Richard from Q interview:


When you follow stuff on the internet about Illuminati, New World Order, aliens, even if none of it's true, it's just a thousand times better than any science fiction film that's ever been written.

I do believe pretty much all of it. You can't only believe things which can be proven. It's boring. Loads of things are unproven, but it doesn't stop you believing them.



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I picked up this really mad lesbian conversation, saying goodbye for half an hour.

I'd like to hear mad lesbians saying goodbye for half an hour.



*** half an hour later ***


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