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LONDON CLARK FANS - I have tickets for you!


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I just won the Bleep x Clark prize contest on Facebook, and I have 2 guestlist spots for the Clark, Nathan Fake, Letherette, Kutmah, Rival Consoles show TOMORROW NIGHT - April 7th


Sadly I'm from the US and quite broke and have no way of making it to this show.



If you are a London Clark fan, post here or PM me why you are worthy of these tickets!



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I'm in London and going to this with a mate...got tickets already.


If you have no takers in the next 12 hours or so, feel free to email me and I can probably pass 'em onto someone I know or (failing that) two lucky peeps in the queue?



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Well, in the beginning it was a bit like unreleased tracks from Body Riddle... nice natural percussion. Then Clark went into a weird dubstep thing, which shocked me a bit to be honest. Clark goes Skrillex came to my mind :sad: Then he used some snippets from Turning Dragon and did some nice hardcore techno. I was very happy I didn't hear anything from Iradelphic, though sometimes there was guitar, like this track in the end of his Phrenic mix.


But after all: Clark is more a producer than a performer. Nathan Fake was playing before and he communicated way more with the audience and in my opinion did a proper live set, while Clark had a shit load of stuff on stage but didn't really use it. Some transitions were really bad, but after seeing Clark "live" for the 8th time or so, I knew that would happen.


Still, it was an amazing venue and an amazing night, but for me Nathan Fake was doing the best.

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I sadly never found a home for these, I had a lot going on and got pulled away from the internet to really make sure they went to someone. It was really short notice too. I'll report back here with pictures of the goodies that Bleep hooks me up with though!

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