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cryptic things to be upset about


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you never know. it could be a balloon. when boards of canada posted that name it was a test. maybe some day they'll release a boxed set of unreleased tunes. 52 of them share a common interest in football, only watched by aliens calling themselves home.


there wasn't any reason you couldn't say no to a foot legged one over. in the inch twenty two masterpieces black pudding recepies for the freng. jordan wears his boxers on the moon. in a place. in downing street. on the back of a hay wagon. indigo is the only colour he'll walk towards on.


did you know how everyone put the work. there is no. all the time you people watch the stars and when people get you to draw the earth you just tell me about a gas that doesn't make sense. everything out of this world gone in a millisecond without rsponsilibily.


itching is a common reason for the repost on twoism.everyone there jealous when they tell them she is wrong she is wrong. people are typecast for no apparent reason, it only makes sense when people alz jasazlszlszlazls


into the same log went the reason post into rice. cream on the elderly watch the corn i'm asian. feel free when you feel five pounds and fifty three the number of youtube comments.


isn't it always the way things work out to be into place? when you feel the raw energy like blue suns working into a borderline shape by a turquoise band, and you know it doesn't make sense when she tells you turquoise hair is ginger. trevor is an illusion stereotype.




so this is like the einstein trail from einstein on the beach? its like einstein on the einstein on the beavch maybe that's why he put himself up there with the beatles. he talks like this.


there are no posters on wattm with the same style as paul mccartney. everyone adopts various ways to channel their beliefs into a single form of contact between two ways of to thought. if people didn't care, they would lose. thats when people think they have the idea to tell them things..i.


feelings i have so many feelings feelings i have so many have so many feelings feelings layer three is the best one of the numbers is a sin there are no levels only ways to hurt a centre. sin the is the reason people lock sex up into a church.


did you fathom the one about the graveyard i think not? everyone's reason is to stay away from the cloud of nutrrrrrition like an ocean but they stay out and lock themselves into the same shape like the metal scrapes in the sky around the earth from spacesjip rocket blast off the same shape never coming back,. bitches dont know about my C OGNITION. . . .


i didn't reason you to find what you were only looking for to entertain. thios is why you are here. to read posts about john lennon, paul mccartney, christopher knowles, george harrison he says. up there with boards of canada it's a tie between them anbd them. there isn't going to be a double album.


brain isn't brian eno. it's brian. with an i.


statements from the past match up with the layers of present now time thought. there isn't time, only a plce place to p believe in what you can see throguh your own time. matchsticks isn't a track on saw2 because it lookjs like a silver grid.


joyrex doesn't believe in a ghost. i can't say anything bad about joyrex. don't call again./


draw a circle with center points and fgi five exactly five FIVE reasons around the corners. you will tell me what they are because you will SEE. this is the one you want. no questions asked.


no question mix doesn;'t mean anything because there are so many other things to be unsure about. if he owns the first stellation of the Rhombic Dodecahedron and he has a painting, it's that. the puzzle. that;'s what i should write about.


daydreaming about day dodeca dayrteadming about planet orxon on the diamond never a good place to breath,.


if you find the place of worship, ask him to leave. god is a terrorism. cuiltieto


ice dream cr doean'ty exist.


i need two pisses at once



factories at night are the most IDM tournament. there are so many things to get off chests in bars, pipe machinery, clouded at night and looks so much cooler.


i have been hacked by a dupe account. there is no panic. i am me. this is all typed by me.


they said in them days they had the flowers it was just a nautral thing women had. stop making things into reason to say nature is bad.


cryptic things to be upset about. i typed a name into the topic name, but i will type this.


hey everyone shoe nice again. well basically i had a sex organ painted onto my pancreas, so all i have to say is thaaayaayayayayaanqkyaoouuuwwww.


i should check this post for hidden things i wanted to say but shouldn't. i will not. there will be no ptsd triggers to later on. i haven;'t got ptsd. they never said i had it. i talk about it all the time as a joke like in my first mix.


desmond morris is a fucking absolute fucking genious who understands more about human beings than anyone i can think of in this room or outside it. i don't want to kill people anymore.


i have to stop this.

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Hey, it's alright, I'm fine.


I took some sleepy stuff earlier and I just though it would be a good idea to start a thread with word salad in it. I dunno how it happened, I was just typing the first words I could think of, it all felt so natural. So fluid.


People have written poetry like this, apparently. There's something pretty cool about getting your words out in real life before you stop to think about it. It comes from within, and stuff.

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Desmond Morris' "The Soccer Tribe" is criminally underrated. "the Naked Ape" ain't half bad either ;)

I read "the naked ape" and the "human zoo" but it's all kinda junk science innit.

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Some people would say, in looking at my career, that it betrays a confused musical standpoint; optimistically it is termed unpredictable, more derisively it is said to be self-cancelling, in that within the wide aesthetic range in the work, one part contradicts and undermines another, resulting in something akin to the mixing of all the different paints on the palette. This is an important point to realise: I take no refuge behind standpoints. This has manifested itself as part of my fundamental creative aspiration- to see across as opposed to seeing from.


At first, there needs to be the presence both of a view rooted in inherited opinion, effectively treated as transparent and assumed to be inherently correct, and a will to play with that view, to endlessly distort it and to ultimately be prepared to destroy it. A kind of simultaneous faith and critical ingenuity are required as, without the latter one is bound to a reverential repetition of received wisdom, and without the former ones sparks quickly die away once the entrenched standpoint is supposedly vanquished.


To make a lethal attack on, say a musical standpoint, that standpoint must first be loved, understood and accommodated before it can be assailed, and this problem is exemplified with much youth culture that seeks to destroy its perceived antithetical enemy simply by contradicting it. It is not enough to behead your enemy, they must first be invited in and made to feel welcome in order to be comprehensively destroyed i.e. they must be in some way incorporated.


This process should seem familiar as it is the time honoured way of dissipating polarised energy away from musical movements: by making them popular. What I am doing is turning this system on its head: instead of incorporating isolated views into mainstream equivalents, for the sake of destroying culture in the name of the corporation, I incorporate isolated views into my standpoint, indeed to the point of seemingly cancelling out a coherent view, for the sake of destroying culture in the name of the individual. In this sense I advocate completely respect-less exploitation of all forms available, as this is the only road that could possibly render an individual immune to being dissolved into mainstream castration, insofar as the music industry as it stands feeds most happily on artists with discrete viewpoints:identity-cults can only be effectively generated from one dimensional personalities. Personal identity must be entirely subjugated and rendered formless in order to have any sort of freedom in our era.


A common error is mistaking contradiction or negation of a consensus view for freedom; this leads to phenomena symbiotic with mainstream culture and equally poisonous i.e. movements who identify themselves exclusively with a cynical commentary on the mainstream. This is a dustbin for so called artists: diametrically opposed to the mainstream, they are still very much obliged to march to its tune, or of course its inversion. Being conscious of the fallacy in their claim of independence, the views always deliberately remain self-contained, and just as a surfeit of cultural control gives rise to overweight smug cretins, an almost total absence of it gives rise to the revolting snide dinginess of the eternally subjugated. The lesson is that no punks have yet been punk enough - rejecting and negating the mainstream just as quickly becomes subsumed in its own poisonous cliches, (thus often becoming eligible for mass production).


It is essential for any creator to want to negate and to reject, but this has to be coupled with a consummate understanding of the phenomena one seeks to reject. Otherwise, not understanding the language of negation, the object of the negating will misunderstands what is being shouted at it, and carries on regardless. I have learned to see inside every musicians head because, in order to prevent myself from being fully incorporated into any musical ghetto, I have to incorporate every musical ghetto into myself. I aspire to make music useless as a commodity i.e. a prop for the identities and personalities of the mindless; and if this is all that music constitutes in our era, then to maximise every conceivable parameter until it completely destroys itself.

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