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Not much info about this, is it out already?


I have just found a 90 minute mix he has done for Electronic Explorations...

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Nice, just went and bought the digital EPs. I'm going through a TLS/Radioactive Man/Weatherall phase at the moment.

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Out this week on WANG Trax is the fourth studio album from Radioactive Man - 'Waits & Measures'


It's available now on digital release and follows the Engine and Room EP's released on vinyl + digital earlier on in the year.


Previews: http://soundcloud.com/radioactiveman/sets/waits-and-measures




1. Wreckorder 7. Engine Room

2. Vitamin E 8. Flying Fuck

3. Incoming 9. Gugs

4. All Along 10. Pretty Ugly

5. Crosseyed And Painless 11. Undergrind

6. Disco Devil 12. Where Am I?


Radioactive Man also has a new mix out today on Dazed Digital you can stream here: http://i.mixcloud.com/CB5i2G






Thanks to the peeps on this forum who've already been supporting the new releases

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Guest interr0bangr

I used to love radioactive man back in the day. This soundcloud track is amazing...thanks for putting this on my radar.

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So no mention of a physical release on the CDs or the Vinyls? Seems strange as the EPs were. I don't like buying albums digitally if I can help it

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really great work :music:


and waht is this?


"So far on remix duties for Waits and Measures I've got DJ Stingray, Paul Blackford, Al Tourettes and Dicky Continental AKA Richard Thair (Red Snapper, Toob).. Looking at an Autumn release.. Feels like Autumn already in UK!"



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