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yan_g - unt065 ("work" in progress)

Guest yanG

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  • 2 weeks later...

hey, some good stuff going on, put a grin on mah face as usual. but underwhelmingly short and, uh, plastic-sounding (?!). maybe incorporate some of that synth riffage in another track?

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    • By Paul
      Inspiration strikes at surprising moments, when the light bulb flashes, the rest is history. Listen for the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) samples embedded in this tune.
      Countless, countless hours spent crafting this track. The creation of this track was a mixture of pitfalls requiring tedious compositional revisions to harmonious, inconceivable synchronicities. Even now I feel there was never a real sense of resolve with this piece, at some point I just had to stop and let it go...
      Draws heavily from my "Ashland Orange Line" track, using similar drum-kit, pads and home-made fluorescent light samples. Was overall happy with the compression and equalization effects carrying this tune. Still learning.
      All original tracks above created using Reason8 Essentials strictly.
      Squarepusher & Project [Remix]
      Just beginning to DJ using free software MIXXX.
    • By cooliofranco
      This came out real minimal and gloopy, maybe analordy (???).
      one time when I was on drugs, and freaking out, I came upon a golden wall that stretched in all directions, infinitely. I walked up to the wall and felt its cool smooth surface and felt a profound calm and love. my panic and anxiety was, at least, momentarily, alleviated and i basked for a bit. the wall was totally inscrutable and it struck me that it would give me no answers and no clues about what was on the other side of it. true story. heh.
    • By cooliofranco
      i'm not sure what to do with the end of the song right now. so this is still a WIP i guess.
    • By cooliofranco
      i'm not sure what to do with the end of the song right now. so this is still a WIP i guess.
    • By klore
      Hi guys, since we are nerds, lets get into nerd stuff
      i'm trying hard to separate a reverb effect generated by a "chenille chorus ensemble" from its source,
      but it can be the RV7000 or even a delay
      i of course started to create a parallel stem, but the source is always there
      like you scream on a mountain and you only hear your echo and not the screaming, i want this remaining sound
      i know some gears and other software are doing that, was certain it was piece of cake with Reason but i spent almost a week trying,
      any brohelp would be amazing and will get a free hug

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