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Actress R.I.P Film & Interview


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"The way I approach music is much more from a sculptural perspective. You build algorithms. You can layer those algorithms so they become marble-like. Autechre do the complete opposite to what I do. You can see the axis, you can feel what they’re rotating around certain things. What I do is the same but I smudge it completely, so you can feel the axis but you can’t get that clarity of where it is. I like things to drip. There’s execution and there’s perfection and even though I’m a perfectionist I don’t like having something that’s so perfect you can’t see the flaws. You have to have a sense of there being a flaw in it, because essentially I’m human and I want a human aspect always to be there in my music."

read & watch: http://www.dazeddigi...Film--Interview

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