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Tapatalk Has Been Updated


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I've just upgrade the forum side of Tapatalk to the latest version and checked it on my iPhone, so it appears to be working as it should - anyone on Android or other platforms (Blackberry? LOL) let me know if you experience any weirdness (make sure you're up to date on your Tapatalk app as well).

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related to the mobile skin: I see this weird gap and error text on the mobile skin since the latest update:




the text says


Error: Could not load template 'chatMobileLink' from group 'ipchat'



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(Blackberry? LOL)





The only persistent error I get with Tapatalk (iOS) is long threads (eg post your pic, etc) won't load if you open to last unread. You have to pre-select oldest or newest post before opening the thread in order to view anything at all.

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