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Guest Bourbon Surf

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Guest Bourbon Surf


C.Hans - Happiness is a Warm Snare Rush


Kettel - Marliesje [Marguerita Recordings, 2007]

Aphex Twin - To Cure A Weakling Child, Contour Regard [Warp Records, 1997]

Decal - Superscum [Rotters Golf Club, 2003]

Mochipet - Plastic Carpet Ride [btrendy Records, 2002]

Joseph Nothing - Exotic Man Walking [Planet Mu, 2001]

Aphex Twin - Carn Marth [Warp Records, 1996]

V.L.A.D. - Femme Tuning [myspace steal, ~2008?]

Boards of Canada - Roygbiv [Warp Records & Skam, 1998]

Mu-Ziq - Meinheld [Planet Mu, 2003]

Iermoc - Eggyweggs [Koept, 2002]

Cycheouts Ghost - Cosmic Baton Girl (Amen Mix) [ROMZ, 2004]

Wagon Christ - Kings Lyn [Ninja Tune, 2001]

Soundmurderer + SK-1 - Dreader Than Dread (Remix) [Rewind Records, 2002]

Clark - Herzog [Warp Records, 2006]

Ceephax - Texaco Gang [Rephlex, 2007]

Slag Boom Van Loon - Poppy Seed (Reprise) (Boards of Canada Remix) [Planet Mu, 2001]

Doormouse - Skelechairs (Venetian Snares Remix) [Addict Records, 2004]

Com.A - Welcome COM.A [ROMZ, 2001]


40 minutes of acid, amens and big stupid grins....



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Guest Bourbon Surf

It is indeed...


Cheers for checking Redruth

Pleased I managed to squeeze both Yoshida brothers in there..

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This was amazing. Thank you! Highlights for me are Roygbiv/Meinheld, Dreader Than Dread/Herzog, and Poppy Seed/Skelechairs. Creative and fun.

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