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Suum Cuique - Ascetic Ideals


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"Ascetic Ideals is the second Suum Cuique outing, following 2010′s excellent Midden, and like its predecessor it’s a caustic, exploratory and uncompromising suite of noise and avant-electronics, made using exclusively analogue hardware. The identity of Suum Cuique was originally a secret, but soon after the release of Midden it emerged that the man responsible was Whittaker, best known as one half of Demdike Stare. Ascetic Ideals was apparently recorded in between sessions for Demdike’s Elemental.


"The album is due out on vinyl on May 28 in an edition of 700 copies, via Modern Love’s Young Americans imprint [through which they've also issued Daphne Oram's Oramics and The Oram Tapes]."



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They mentioned Maurizio Bianchi in the advert for the album. Come on. This is never never as good as Bianchi. I hope the guys at Modern Love have ever listened to Bianchis Mectpyo Boxset for a compare of this stuff.


Sorry, was a bit thrilled when read but disappointed to death after listening.

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Finally got this in the mail the other day, and after a couple of spins I have to say it's pretty damn good. I'm not familiar with Bianchi's stuff, so the comparison didn't really bias me in any way. It's just nice, sickly, analog evil.

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