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Character Actors

Rubin Farr

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been thinking about this topic for a while being the nerd i am. this is the other or "ugly" half of Hollywood, the people making less than millions, but more endearing and infinitely more talented than some of the "stars", especially the ones getting by solely on looks. they usually play the antagonist, or sidekick, but the really talented individual can parley a leading career into character roles as they age (Vincent Price is an excellent example). anyway, i love these guys


Giovanni Ribisi (former child star now intergalactic corporate douche bag)






Patton Oswalt (stand-up comedian has moved into dramatic and comedic film roles)






Stephen Root (brilliant chameleon actor and voice over artist - i.e. half of "King of the Hill")






William Sadler






MC Gainey






Clancy Brown (been in everything from Shawshank Redemption, LOST, Batman Animated Series, as well as video game voice artist)






Jackie Early Haley (another child star gone thru the wringer in life to come out the other with a resurgent carrer in Watchmen, etc)






and of course the king of Hollywood nepotism, the excellent Clint Howard!






who else am i forgetting? please give me some ladies' names, there are some great ones out there i'm sure.

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have to big up clancy brown, that man can do it all, one moment ill be hating his guts for being an evil asshole the next ill be worshipping him for being a badass hero. DAT VOICE

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Guest Gary C

I honestly can't remember the last time I saw an overweight or physically unattractive woman in a major film... Nope. Maybe as a joke in a crass comedy, but nope, there are none.


It's terrible really.

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Props to mentioning Stephen Root, love that guy... he's hilarious in just about everything I've seen him in


also... how have we not mentioned Steve Buscemi yet?




He's a great actor, from brilliant roles like Reservoir Dogs and Fargo to stupid shit like Adam Sandler movies... he pulls of both

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Guest Gary C

Does that Precious count as a major film?


Yes, but I wouldn't call Mariah Carey an actress either...


But no, there's a big fat chick in that. Fair point.

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Great comments guys, I was thinking of addressing the male/female ratio and how Hollywood treats women as the sex object, or the mother roles, nothing really in between.


As for John Reilly and Buscemi, I think you're seeing an effect in film now where character actors previously seen as unattractive have changed their public image into a leading man. So our tastes on television seem to be maybe a little more enlightened than in movies?

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Good thread. A lot of character actors have become bona fide leads though.


Was just gonna post Michael Rooker


David Cross has been in a fuckton of movies.



CCH Pounder is one of those elusive unnatractive character actresses.



And so is that weird troll lady from NCIS: Los Angeles. Linda Hunt.


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