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Metahuman Album

EPROM and Rwina Records are now finetuning Metahuman, EPROM’s full-length debut. It's almost done, and sounds utterly awesome!


Ahead of its release, a two-track single with Regis Chillbin and a Machinedrum remix will be released May 7th as a 12" vinyl (and a digital download will follow on May 21st).

Pre-order Regis Chillbin 12" Now



Regis Chillbin sets the tone for the forthcoming Metahuman album, with support from all your favorite DJs and producers, among which are Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, ?uestlove, Kutmah, DJ Shadow, SBTRKT, Kuedo, Lunice, Rustie, Mark Pritchard and the list goes on and on.

Crazy, we know.





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Good news! Regis Chillbin is mental, though I prefer the Machinedrum remix. Also, check his Feldspar / Psycho release on leisure system, good stuff.

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If anyone cares, here is my review in German:




Basically I'm pointing out that Eprom isnt reinventing anything, but showing some very fine and detailed production, which makes the music very solid, which is rare in these days of some Brainfeeder-like Future-Beats coming out almost every week. So, if you want an entertaining hour with hiphop-ethos, check it out!

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