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Beastie Boys Co-Founder Adam Yauch Dead at 48

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Adam Yauch, one-third of the pioneering hip-hop group the Beastie Boys, has died at the age of 48, Rolling Stone has learned. Yauch, also known as MCA, had been in treatment for cancer since 2009. The rapper was diagnosed in 2009 after discovering a tumor in his salivary gland.








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this dampens the day a bit. sadly, i saw this coming. knew someone who worked at the hospital where he was getting treatment, he had been doing pretty poorly for a while now.



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this hit me hard. one of my favourite bands. saw them live in 2007 (once with a rap show and once with an all-instruments show) and they were flawless. and last two albums were great too no matter what people seem to think.

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I'm just fucking stunned, I really can't process it. Even knowing of his cancer battle this still seems untimely. It's the end of the group really - they're so tight knit I doubt they'll tour or release a proper album again.


My friend, who I will say is undoubtedly one of their biggest fans, works for them in NYC, handling merchandise sales and distribution. When I talked to her in December she was talking about how they were still recording often and staying busy. I can't imagine how devastated she is.


RIP Adam

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Guest Gary C



This was my exact response.


Very very sad news. I've been listening to a BB album at least once a week for over a year now. They've got me through so many shitty days at work.

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Guest Gary C

Unbelievable. I was listening to Hot Sauce Committee two hours ago.


last two albums were great too no matter what people seem to think.

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thank you so much for everything that you've contributed Yauch! You made the world a better place.

paul's boutique literally changed my life - without it I wouldn't be half the person I am. That masterpiece never left my walkman for all of grade 11.

i was lucky enough to see them play twice - once at lollapalooza and once in a tiny ass club in calgary. two totally different shows, both awesome.

I know you achieved nirvana.

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Man, fucking tears in my eyes. Really really really sad news. Paul's Boutique always makes me feel warm and happy inside - really showed me the creative potential of hip hop; what it could really achieve as a cultural critique and a veneration of that culture at the same time. "My man MCA's got a beard like a billy goat!"

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Guest Lucy Faringold

damn it. Best dude. He achieved so much and brought so many people joy. This stings pretty hard.

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My friend pointed out that the following topics (it's changed very little since) on twitter are:




Paul's Boutique

License to Ill

Brass Monkey

Hello Nasty

Check Your Head

Ill Communication

Paul Revere

No Sleep Till Brooklyn


Rarely does such a succinct list speak volumes, especially volumes of pure happiness and joy for so many people.

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