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FOR SALE: some Aphex Twin stuff

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Guest bias

hi all,


i have these stuff for sale. it would be urgent, so feel free to send offers to biashead at gmail dot com.



AFX: Analog Bubblebath Vol. 2 12" (CUT 002)

AFX: Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3 12" (CAT 008)

Aphex Twin: Drukqs 2 Track Promo (DRUKQS 01)

Baby Ford: Normal (BFORD15)

Buck-Tick: Timeless (Invitation)

Caustic Window: Joyrex J4 EP 12" (CAT 004)

Curve: Falling Free (The Aphex Twin Remix) one-sided promo 12" (ANXT 41)

Die Fantastischen Vier: Liveunddirekt (COL 486503 6)

V/A Secret Tracks 2 MC (SELECT 5/94)

V/A Taking Liberties (TTPCD 005)

Wagon Christ: Redone EP (RSN 114CD)


+ other IDM-related stuff for sale:


Ad Vanz vs Gescom / Foehn Split 12" (Fat Cat)

Bola: Pae Paoe 7" (SKAM)

D'Arcangelo: Corner EP 12" (White Leather)

D'Arcangelo: Diagrams 10.14 12" (Nature)

D'Arcangelo: Pro 188 EP 12" (RePhLeX)

Donnacha Costello: Diversions #1 12" (D1)

Donnacha Costello: Diversions #2 12" (D1)

Donnacha Costello: Infinite Now 12" (Minimise)

Donnacha Costello: Mustard promo 12" (Minimise)

Donnacha Costello: Olive 12" (Minimise)

Donnacha Costello: Pleite Reissue 12" (Look Long)

Four Tet: A Joy 12" (Domino)

Four Tet: Misnomer 12" (Output)

Four Tet / Mala: Nothing To See / Don't Let Me Go 12" (Soul Jazz)

Four Tet / Rothko: Rivers Become Oceans 12" (Lo)

Gaze: IV Instrumentals (Neu)

Lithops: Sequenced Twinset / Fi 12" (Sonig)

Lithops: Uni Umit LP (Sonig)

Luomo: Tessio (Remixes) 12" (Force Tracks)

Luomo: What's Good 12" (Resopal)

Matmos / Motion Split 12" (Fat Cat)

Mice Parade: My Funny Valentine 12" (Fat Cat)

Miraq: Resister 12" (UCMG-UGAR)

Mouse On Mars: Pickly Dred Rhizzoms 12" (Sonig)

Pantha Du Prince: Nowhere 12" (Dial)

Process / DAT Politics Split 12" (Fat Cat)

Squarepusher & Richard Thomas: I Am Carnal And I Know That You Approve 12" (Lo)

Thomas Brinkmann: Tina / Argo 12" (Max Ernst)

Tortoise: Adverse Chamber / To Day Retreival (Autechre remixes) 12" (Thrill Jockey)

Two Lone Swordsmen: Receive Tactical Support 12" (Warp)

Two Lone Swordsmen: Swimming Not Skimming promo LP (Audio Emissions Output)

Two Lone Swordsmen: The Third Dimension 12" (Audio Emissions Output)

Two Lone Swordsmen And A Being 12" (Audio Emissions Output)

Ulrich Schnauss: ...Passing By 12" (Domino)

Vert: Broken Breakbeat Bebop 12" (Vovinyl)

Vert: Mewantemooseic 12" (Sonig)

Vert: Moremooseicforme 12" (Sonig)

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Guest bias

oops, sorry.


i have other stuff as well if anyone is interested:






101 LD (Sire)

Death's Door (Jazz Mix) 7" Flexidisc (Mute)

Devotional LD (Sire / Reprise)

Dream On US 2x12" (Reprise)

Freelove EU 12" (Mute / Virgin)

Music For The Masses LP (Supraphon)

People Are People US 12" (Sire)

Some Great Videos LD (Sire / Reprise)

Strange Too (BMG Germany)

Strangelove US Specially Priced Maxi Single 12" (Sire 0-20769)

V/A 22 Videostars LD Comp. (with LIS) (On TV Productions)

V/A Dance Rhythm 'N' Rock - New Music Seminar Mixer promo LP (Warner)

V/A Modern Girls LP (Warner)


Hot Shot II (live 1982 - Gran Records)

V/A Deep Dish Remixes 2x12" (Cha Cha Records)




In Orange LD (PolyGram)

Show LD (PolyGram / Fiction)

Staring At The Sea - The Images LD (Elektra)



Gescom: Minidisc MD (Skam) - WHITE VERSION

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