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Watmm, lets have your Jungle


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36 minutes ago, BobDobalina said:

Holy shiiiet I was gawdawnest caning this as I read your post

I honestly don’t understand what this means but I like it :spiteful:


I love how in that remarc mix he has so many nods to absolute classic tracks but everything is a new spin on the old style without losing any respect for choppage. I saw him live once and his 21st century remix style is fucking so tough and fresh. Perfect example: how in his Original Nuttah remix he stretches the fuck out of “original mamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamanamamamana nuttah!” 
I love that shit.
 He’s a legend. 

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