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Meshuggah 2012


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Saw them twice in 94, once in 95, twice in 98, and almost every three years since then. Will see them again at any chance. :-)

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Guest Blanket Fort Collapse

I saw them open for Tool at our biggest stadium, they started playing before we could get through the line, ran in going crazy trying to get to the front fast, all the tools (99% of the crowd) were just clueless, standing their dumbfounded and let me machette through 75 yards of people to the front with no trouble. Haake's bass drum mic went out half way through their set. He started hitting the bass drum so fucking hard it didn't matter LOL, motha fucka is a BEAST.


I like Koloss quite a bit, not sure if it tops Obzen yet though. The way they mixed Obzen and how they speed shit up again was so refreshing. The guitar tone on that record is unlike anything else I've heard.

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