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jonas the plugexpert - rijswijk beat (arbee remix)

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    • Guest
      By Guest
      I've put some glitchy housy tracks in a bandcamp release for halloween, chicky check;
    • Guest arbee
      By Guest arbee
      Hello watmm,
      not posting much these days, but you never know, it might come back !
      I'm here to present my new album OUT NOW.

      CD: http://www.chezkitokat.com/Chez_Kito_Kat/CKK046.html
      DIGITAL: https://arbee.bandcamp.com/album/variations-verd-tres
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Boom!! It's out; http://www.upitup.com/catalogue/release.php?cat_id=80

      16th of October Upitup will drop a 5 track ep of mine which is called Segment II.

      A teaser;

      One of the tracks that is already public;

      If you like the faster side of jungly things, you'll probably like this .
    • Guest arbee
      By Guest arbee
      hello everyone,
      really happy to share with you guys my new album "libre arbitre".

      For the final installment of the Bedroom Compost series before we enter a new year, we bring you Arbee's seductive Libre Arbitre album. Virtually bubbling over with wild sprawls of organic electronics, Libre Arbitre delivers a warm, cuddly listening experience that is perfect for Winter. Arbee's standalone style of growing alien forms from familiar electronic pastures is once again at the forefront of these songs - at any moment, a track can twist itself from a still ambient pool of dripping notes into a clattering drunken rhythmic structure, and back again. Arbee's work is not incidentally this way, but his is a decided compositional process that leaves in all the aural hiccups and analog atmosphere.

      Arbee's original concept for Libre Arbitre was for the album to include eight original tracks, and have them mirrored by eight remixes. So, the eight originals remain here for free, and the eight remixes are included on the CD-R version of Libre Arbitre. The remix personnel are: Fingers In The Noise, Bleupulp, Darren Harper, Stopmotion, Galerie Stratique, Jonas The Plugexpert, E1000 and Coppice Halifax.

      You can stream all eight remixes here:soundcloud.com/recycledplastics/sets/bc13-remixes
      CD-R copy here : http://store.milieu-music.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=69&product_id=153
      hope you guys enjoy this ! tell me what you think !!
      thanks to Brian (our own Mellow U) to make this happen and thanks to the remixers !!
      take care,
    • Guest
      By Guest

      I've made this remix for Arbee;


      Get it on cd-r here together with the other remixes and original tracks:


      Listen to the other remixes here:

      Download Arbee's album with original tracks for free here:
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