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Oi. Can someone name this artist?

Guest carthief

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    • By chenGOD
      Apologies if this is a duplicate, I couldn't find it using the amazing search function on watmm, and didn't feel like going back more than 10 pages in this forum. Out now on Deutsche Grammophon, which may explain why it was overlooked, but this has some beautiful pieces on it, and it's the first release by them as brothers.
      Also available on virtually all streaming services.
      There are videos (7 in total) directed by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers (software guy/musician that helped Eno create Bloom), and of course the Japanese release has a bonus track.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      In this thread I want everyone to be nice to each other and post polite and uplifting responses about how your day went, what you found funny or what you bought (a new IDM record or something), and interact with each other in a civil manner. No swearing or insults allowed.
      Let's hope this one day will be a pinned thread and newcomers will open it and see that everyone here is nice, unlike what I thought upon my first visit. 
      For instance today I bought a pack of daily contact lenses, because I don't like how I look in glasses (like a granddad) ?. I'm also going to see a friend of mine who's going to show me his new KRK subwoofer, and we'll talk about music a bit in a nice way, drink some tea maybe.
      Also I've finished a script for a new video, can't wait to work on it, and on 2 new tracks as well. They're coming out pretty crisp. Looks like I've finally found the sound I was looking for, but I may be wrong.
      How's your day going?
      pls be nice.
      inb4 lol, flol, — keep it to yourself, it's a nice thread.

    • By lamourfou
      Been enjoying this for most of the day. Its also a good intro to Dauwd imo.
      It's n i c e.

    • By DerWaschbar
      new album by good time watmm member james bevan AKA Chunky (rip). v nice tunes, james has a gift for melodies that invoke clouds, planes, sunrises and adventures with strange animals.
      p sure all these tracks are all done with a teisco 60f multi tracked. nice 1 james.
      it's an adventure through time (naturally) and an adventure for us all (naturally).

      have fun b safe
    • By Friendly Foil
      CHATMM Volume 14: Dank Memes Has Left The Room
      Download HERE: https://chatmm.bandcamp.com/album/volume-14-dank-memes-has-left-the-room
      01. Al Ledgly - Dankphlex 02. Teenage Hyperbole - WELL 'ARD 03. Trashbear Twin - Icky Ozalia 04. Glowstick Capitalism - Fancy ASMR Freestyle Motivational Tape For Thoughtful Introverts 05. Mozzarella Stick - 720 kush drp 06. The Phantom Ejaculator - Dankception 07. Richard Jonas - Amiga Gabber 08. Filthy Casual - Rekt In You're Brand New Car 09. Hello $piral - S.W.E.D 10. Asian People - Harikamuri 11. VNCF - Special Day 12. Mtn Dood - bikini botom kush altmix.wav 13. lawlrider - gotta go fast 14. WeedLordBonerHitler - the little cum dumpster that cud 15. Raccoon Acid - Дaŋкмeaмз 16. Hilligoss - Gaia Cooldown Meditation (Blaze Up) 17. Trashbear Twin - Aganjapolis Theme: Dank memesCover art by: roasty
      Music by: Djeroek, Phoenix, Tamagotchi San, Friendly Foil, patternoverlap, hello spiral, roasty, Verdant Hickies, Whoop, DorkingtonPugsly, osobjornmedved 
      SHORT-TERM EFFECTSSensory distortion
      Poor coordination of movementLowered reaction time
      After an initial “up,” the user feels sleepy or depressedIncreased heartbeat (and risk of heart attack)
      Reduced resistance to common illnesses (colds, bronchitis, etc.)Suppression of the immune system
      Growth disordersIncrease of abnormally structured cells in the body
      Reduction of male sex hormonesRapid destruction of lung fibers and lesions (injuries) to the brain could be permanent
      Reduced sexual capacityStudy difficulties: reduced ability to learn and retain information
      Apathy, drowsiness, lack of motivationPersonality and mood changes
      Inability to understand things clearly 
      Thank you for listening. Don't toke.  
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