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A few albums recently listened.


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Kurt Vile - Wakin' on a Pretty Daze 9/10 acoustic stoner pop and a nice record to cycle in the sunshine too

Burial - Untrue 6/10 prefer his other stuff tbh

Neil Young - Live Cow Palace 9/10 Neil Young playing a live set in California I presume from the time he released Trans

Keith Fullerton Whitman - Disingenuity 8/10 first track I don't like but the flipside sounds like an IDM supernova

Simon Fisher Turner - Epic of Everest 7/10 brings back floods of memories for me

Leatherface - Fill Your Boots 7/10 dug this out the beerwolf crate, excellent no frills punk from Sunderland

Autechre - Garbage 10/10 first few seconds always reminds me of sitting in a dentists chair, then explodes into Ae glory and never fades until the end

Smashing Pumpkins - Gish 8/10 reissue with a fantastic second disc, a bonus disc worth having (for a change)

Pye Corner Audio - Black Mist EP 8/10

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Talking Heads - Remain in Light 10/10

One of the most 10/10's of all time.



I've had it for about 15 years but I appreciate it much more now I'm a bit older. Once upon a time my music either had to be either fast and angry and blowing the walls apart or druggy/trippy. And there wasn't much inbetween, so this album didn't really fit. Nowadays I love it. Glad you like it too Mister Candiru.

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Vangelis - L'Apocalypse des Animaux 8/10

No matter how much Vangelis I listen to, it feels like I've only just scratched the surface. This is some of his prettiest stuff to my ears.


Lee Gamble- KOCH

Too early to judge, but I "get" it in a way I didn't his previous releases.


Sigur Ros - Kveikur

I've never listened to this band because hearing music first in commercials kind of spoils the experience of hearing a new record. This gives me some incentive to check their older stuff though.


Function & Vatican Shadow - Games Have Rules 7/10

Nice, foreboding ambient record. Already my favorite VS release.


Godflesh - Pure

JKB's vocals are always a stumbling block for me, but I actually find myself enjoying this more than Streetcleaner. I'm working my way through this band's discography in the run up to their new jawn.

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Actress - Ghettoville
Aphex Twin - Syro
Flying Lotus - You're Dead!
VHS Head - Trademark Ribbons of Gold

All of these I've only begun listening to in the past week.
Ghettoville is weather-dependent I think, particularly for an overcast, cold day. There were a couple of decent trax, but it didn't sound as blissful to me as R.I.P. did.
Syro was OK. I've only listened to it once though. Still not as fun to listen to as, say, Hangable Auto Bulb or RDJ album though.
You're Dead! was mostly meh whatever. Never Gonna Catch Me was really the only worthwhile track I thought - should've been a single, really.
Trademark Ribbons of Gold is my favourite out of all of these, but it's also the only one that came out before 2014, which is kind of sad. I'm really enjoying it nonetheless though. This is the only release by VHS head I've heard so far. I hear Persistence of Vision isn't as good as TRG, so I'll take your guys' word for it.


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I hear Persistence of Vision isn't as good as TRG, so I'll take your guys' word for it.




Are you sure? I thought watmm were blowing their load all over it....

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I hear Persistence of Vision isn't as good as TRG, so I'll take your guys' word for it.




Are you sure? I thought watmm were blowing their load all over it....


Really? Must have missed that bit.


I'll have to give it a listen regardless then.

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You really should, both vhs albvms are great for entirely different reasons. POV takes you on quite a ride but TROG just beats you senseless.


If you like them definitely check out his eps (Midnight Section especially) and the couple of mixes he's done so far - Mary Anne Hobbs, MethLab Mix, Bleep Mix - everything the man touches ooozes quality.


My recent listens:


Convextion - Convextion (2008) - 9/10 - what an album, feels like what Monolake is currently doing in a parallel universe

Flying Lotus - You're Dead! (2014) - 9/10 - digging this a hella lot, don't mint the hotness/loudness of the mix at all, this is some straight future jazz

Teebs - E S T A R A (2014) - 8/10 - definitely a grower, felt way too sedated on initial listens but in the right mind-state (cough cough) it delivers

Luke Vibert / BJ Cole - Stop The Panic (2000) - 7/10 - picked this up on CD from the bargain bin & well worth it! Not my favorite vibert but it definitely delivers save for a few clunkers

Repeat - Repeats (1995) - 6/10 - plaid + mark broom release I was completely unaware of until recently; haven't been feeling it yet but it has the potential to be a grower kinda like the +One album. Trainer-era plaid still owns however

John Coltrane - Sun Ship (1965) - 9/10 - Awesome, I think this might've been some of the last stuff he & elvin jones did together. Amazing how "free" leaning it is yet totally held down by McCoy & that legendary rhythm section

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Arca - Xen


Cool album with interesting approach to rhythms throughout.


AFX/Aphex Twin - Chosen Lords


1st exposure to the Analord series, some serious stuff here. Will be getting the original eps for sure.


Lee Gamble - KOCH


Jury still out on this. Needs more work on my part I think, will be giving it another few spins anyway.


Objekt - Flatland


Flawless production.


Silent Servant - Negative Fascination.


Always get a TG vibe from this album

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Tallesen - "Stills Lit Through"


hazy and rough beats reminiscent of Teebs, caught this on OPN's Software label... some great stuff there



Autre Ne Veut - "Anxiety"


not for everyone but this is some ultra catchy soul, complete with falsetto and some really demented samples. lots of huge build ups here


Ariel Kalma - "Osmose"


mostly cheeseless psychedelic new-agey synth warbles mixed with birds, insects, and rainforest sounds. Terry Riley fans will like



Vladislav Delay - "Visa"


good to see him doing some beatless muck again, I still need to give this one some time but it's sounding nice in the way Entain did



Morton Feldman - "Triadic Memories"


eery, discordant piano, makes all your shit unsettled



Scott Johnson - "John Somebody"


crazy messy guitar noodlings/riffs with matching spliced and diced vocal edits. really fascinating stuff in the vein of Steve Reich's The Cave but a bit more rock 'n roll

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Squarepusher - Numbers Lucent 8/10

Excellent, as usual. Love the dirty ending track, really cool.


The Sight Below - No Place For Us & Murmur EPs 7/10

Both very nice and something for a chilled evening. Delicious.


Trackermatte - Lazers Unending 7/10

Cool, funky and groovy.


Various - What is a Jeffree? 4/10

Meh, doesn't really interest me tbh.

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Squarepusher - Numbers Lucent 8/10

Excellent, as usual. Love the dirty ending track, really cool.

Love that song.


Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends - 10/10

Someone posted "Flashing Lights" in some thread devoted to rocking songs and I am so happy that they did. When I'm shit-faced this is the album I will flail around to all-night (along with Neil Young's Re-ac-tor). Jimmy Page provides some fantastic guitar work as well.


Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges - Clube da Esquina - 10/10

Fantastic Brazillian Rock/Pop(?). Milton's voice is beautiful and Lo's guitar work is hypnotic. Single songs will go from slow and melancholy, to percussive breaks, to pure rock progressions. "Dos Cruces" is probably the best track to start with, though I fell in love with "San Vicente" (My girlfriend thinks that one's just plain goofy though).


Os Mutantes - Mutantes - 9/10

Their second album and my personal favorite. Brazillian psychedelic pop that the Beatles made so popular in the late-60's. They remind me a lot of "The United States of America" but 10x better. The tracks are all over the place, but the album is still cohesive in my opinion.


Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE. - 10/10

It took me forever to warm up to this album, but now it's easily my favorite thing Ecks has ever released. "Nikels And Dimes/Rubberband" was all I listened to for a week-straight a few months ago. The beat-work and trip-hop basslines are gorgeous. Bassline in Rubberband might be samples from Portishead's "How can it be" or whatever the fuck that songs called but whatever. Less sample abuse than Gaslamp Killer's production in Sufi and a Killer.


Spectral Park - Spectral Park - 10/10

I can't remember if I already gushed about this album the last time I posted but it is so fucking cool. Poppy, overwhelming, distorted, perfect. I've never heard anything like it.


Beck - Modern Guilt - 10/10

I was one of those assholes who only liked Guero, but Gamma Ray is even better.


P-Model - In a Model Room - 8/10

Some damn fine Japanese New Wave.


Julia Holter - Loud City Song - 5/10

She's talented, but I get pretty bored with the album quickly. BUT, "Horns Surrounding Me" is amazing; a weird cross between Beach House, Portishead, and a small orchestra. Glad I held onto it for these shitty winter months.


MC5 - Kick Out the Jams - 9/10

Some White Panther hardcore proto-punk rock that exploded out of Detroit in 1968. Sampled by Alec Empire in "Alec Empire vs. Merzbow".


Oval - Pre-Systemische - 9/10

My favorite Oval tracks have always been "Commerce Server" and "Shop in Store". I recently found out that they were from recording sessions before 94diskont and Systemische. Grab it if you like his early stuff.


Todd Rundgren

I have the same opinion of Todd as I do of Richard D. James. They are kings of energy-filled hardcore, but their releases in the style are few and far between. With Richard we have "54 Cymru Beats", "Cock Ver 10", "Flow Coma Remix", "Box Energy Remix", some random song I found called "Crappy", "Omgyjya Switch7", "AFX 237v7", and I guess "Carnmarth" and some other tracks from the Richard D. James album.

Todd has "You need your Head", "Rock-n-roll Pussy", "Everybody's Going to Heaven/King-Kong Reggae), and "Heavy Metal Kids" (that fucking guitar solo).

If ya'll know anything by either artist that is as energetic and hardcore as the tracks I listed PLEASE tell me. And don't go sending me links to Steinvord, that stuff is dull.


No Joy - Negaverse - 9/10

Good upbeat shoegazey stuff.


And last but not least: Akiko Yano's song "Rose Garden". The rest of the album was really shitty 80's J-Pop, but this song is something special. 10/10




And if Kung-Fu Blaxploitation movies with a Soulful 70's soundtrack is your thing, get your hands on "Black Belt Jones". If you like the Black Dynamite movie you will like this. I've watched a good 20 or so Blaxploitation films in the past couple of months, and this is the cream of the crop.


Now I gotta check out all of the shit Beerwolf and VerticalHold posted.

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Caught up on a bunch of new releases yesterday.


Pink Floyd - The Endless River

Not a bad album, but not exactly necessary either.


Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways

Few stand out tracks on there. Will probably need another couple of listens to properly get into it.


Lykke Li - I Never Learn

Meh. Not much going on here. Still tons better than the average pop album though, I suppose.


Flying Lotus - You're Dead

Pretty decent. I'd have preferred a handful of proper length tracks as opposed to a hundred 1-minute jams, though.


Gonna try and check out the new Electric Wizard album at some point today. Looking forward to that one!

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ariel pink - pom pom /a nice variety of tracks. aoty for me probably

martial canterel - gyors, lassu / more of the same old, but i like it better than this year's xeno oaklander record

dean blunt - black metal / i haven't paid attention to blunt/hype williams in more than 2 years, but picked this up by chance. very good moody :( boy music.

rolling stones - some girls/ got it for beast of burden. worth the 2 bux i paid

mitch murder - interceptor/ didn't know he had a record out, so i was surprised to see it in the record store. very good. the touch is currently my fav.

christian vogel - polyphonic beings. very good

pp roy - watch the dough nut not the hole/ also very good

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