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Hello, everyone! After a long break from making mixes, I have returned with the first of two brand-new productions!


Ancient Cries: Let It Out explores the origins of music itself. Why do people make music? Why do we make so many different noises, synths, instruments, loud bangs? Is there something deep inside us, inspiring us to do it?


I believe there is. We know that humans have been evolving for millions of years, and that we once lived high in the treetops with apes and monkeys. We made noises to communicate with each other, expressing our emotions with all kinds of pitches, sounds and rhythms.


When you live like that for so long, a part of it stays with you. And now, with the advent of synthesizers, audio software, and thousands of different musical instruments, we are getting closer than ever to our origins. Every day, all over the world, new music is being created that expresses all kinds of vibrant, colourful moods and atmospheres, all of them striking us so deeply.


The mix is very upbeat and energetic, crammed full of wild and fast-paced tracks for you to get up and get going. Each track was chosen for its unique sounds and expressions that represent the overall theme.



1:10:00, 137MB

Download HERE




Autechre - Crystel

Bonobo - Kiara

Jessy Matador - Allez! Ola! Olé!

Chris Clark - Lord of The Dance

Seefeel - Spangle

Third Eye Foundation - What Is It With You

Bjork - Who Is It?

AFX - PWSteal.Bancos.Q

Plaid - Assault on Precinct Zero

Grape Digging Sharon Fruits - Instrumental

Gorillaz - 19/2000 (Soulchild Remix)

Kazuo Hanzawa, Jun Irie, Hideki Matsutake - Tower of Puppet

Squarepusher - A Journey to Reedham (7AM Mix)

Grape Digging Sharon Fruits - Can Be Gone

Locust Toybox - Machineguntoy

Brothomstates - Yoaoshk

Plaid - Get What You Gave

Jon Gibson - Song 1



Enjoy the mix!

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