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I recorded this album for Mebane Robertson, who is a crazy guy I know. It's mostly guitar & vocals. I added some production & played bass on some of them. It reminds me of Jandek, early Leonard Cohen, Dylan, and some other stuff but it's pretty unique.


His songs are mostly bitter wordy love songs. I liked his stuff enough to do it, so I hope someone here will enjoy as well.


If you like weird-

Talk To Me

Dead Behind The Eyes

Mary Jane


Irish tragic ballads -

Look Away


Chilled out -

Redwood (I made this one)





except Look Away, that one's pretty on.


Thanks for checking it out!

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      Out Friday 16th of November - PRE-ORDER STARTS TODAY: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/pax-mafiosa

      CALABRIA, Southern Italy — a landscape of unmarked graves hidden by abandoned construction sites left as monuments to a corrupt state; a code of silence masking a culture of extreme cruelty; age-old folk traditions and occulted religious rites which refuse to acknowledge the passing of time; the secret brotherhoods; the holy bloodline and birthplace of the ‘Ndrangheta - part business, part religious order and part ancient military, now one of the most powerful organised crime groups in the world.
      Broken Britain Cassettes inaugurates its World Service imprint with Pax Mafiosa, the first dispatch from La Santa, a native Calabrese, who delivers a concoction of ceremonial death chants, phone tappings and initiation rituals. Based around collaged samples from an inherited record collection, Pax Mafiosa invokes visceral fear and spiritual ecstasy with biting electronics and harrowing field recordings.
      In Calabria the sacred and the profane are not mutually exclusive. The name ‘La Santa’ refers to both the Virgin Mary and the highest, most secretive level of The ‘Ndrangheta, a secret society within a secret society which links the top bosses with freemasons and extremist terror organisations. Pax Mafiosa is a sonic mapping of this dysfunctional marriage of mafia and religion.

      “Giuro di portare sempre con me questa boccetta di veleno e, se per disgrazia dovessi tradire questi nuovi fratelli di Santa, di avvelenarmi con le mie stesse mani.”


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      A few years ago, I sought out to compose a piece of very generic and incredibly bland music with generic visuals for a fake ad that advertises nothing under the Julie Winters alias (used Windows Movie Maker for the vid). The track appears on a compilation I was asked to contribute to for a strange microgenre within the vaporwave  genre called "metrosong" that uses modern day ad music with techy, optimistic visuals to create a surreal take on modern corporate branding. I plan to do more of this stuff sometime, as its fun to do an original non-sampled take on it, like with my Donovan Hikaru alias.  

      link to the compilation released on Carboard Futures:  

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