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Taragana Pyjarama - Tipped Bowls


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New electronica album coming next week on Kompakt.




First single can be heard here:-



From RA:


Nick Kold Eriksen, AKA

Taragana Pyjarama, is ready to release his first album,Tipped Bowls.


Eriksen is a Danish producer with a blissed-out, droning style of electronic pop. He just debuted around this time last year, but has received considerable praise for the one EP he's put out so far: a self-titled release on Fool House that included the tracks "Girls" and "Ocean," the latter of which allegedly piqued the interest of Kompakt boss Michael Mayer. Tipped Bowls will be Eriksen's debut on Kompakt, making him the latest addition to the Cologne imprint's ever-increasing Danish contingent (along with WhoMadeWho and Jatoma). You can stream the second track, "Growing Forehead," on Kompakt's SoundCloud page.


Looking forward to hearing it, comes in a nice 2 x 10" + CD package.

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So I picked this up and it turns out it is an excellent album.


Fans of The Field, Four Tet, Gold Panda, of course other Kompakt releases and other melodic electronic music are urged to check it out. Although it doesn't actually sound like any of those producers, I would be surprised if fans of those guys do not like this.

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I've liked a lot of Taragana Pyjarama's ealier stuff, and I've seen him live as well which was great, but I didn't quite feel this one when I first heard it. Will try it again now. Thanks for reminding me!

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Earlier stuff? To my knowledge he only had the one EP on Fool's Gold. Somewhat similar but more accessible. I'd be happy for you to tell me I'm wrong though, that would be great. This album is more a slow burner. Nothing immediately jumps out at you but it's quite subtle and slowly works its way into your mind.


I don't understand why Kompakt decided to press on 2 x 10" though. Granted, it's a somewhat novel idea, but it just means I have to get up and flip the record every 10 minutes, and 4 times for the whole album, instead of twice. As always with Kompakt, nice that they include the CD as well!

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