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Meat Beat Manifesto - Test EP

Rubin Farr

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i have to say being a long time fan, i love it when they do these small runs for the diehards.










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Meat Beat Manifesto – Test EP


Audio CD featuring the Forger recordings plus bonus Test DVD presented in a silk screened board box with Forger sticker. Limited edition of 300.


CD Track Listing:

1. My Son The DJ The Forger

2. Good The Bad and The Forger

3. Microphone Test

4. Breakdown

5. The Bumbaclot Upset

6. Musica Soul

7. Core Grooves

8. The MJ Bumbaclot Element

9. Another Breakdown

10. Forgery


DVD Track Listing:

1. Drum Test

2. Bass Test

3. Acid Test


Flexidisc - FLX 009

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as far as vid samplers go, Jack pretty much gives EBN props as the inventors, he did do their album, and MBM shows these days resemble EBN shows from back in the 90s,although more primitive.

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I almost bought this until I got to the non-secure shipping information form. :dry:


Oh shit, I don't know if I got that or not.


...wait, it's PayPal only. Isn't it on them then?

I don't like posting my address on an insecure site either. A little paranoid, maybe.

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