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Good music sites/blogs?


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I don't really know that many good sites/blogs for music news/reviews/interviews/articles/videos etc..


The major ones only seems to cover indie rock. Which I coulnd't care less about. Do anyone know any good websites that focuses heavily on electronic music? I would love some recommendations. I doens't have to be about new music, it can be old music aswell. As long as it's worth reading.


Bonus question: If anyone know some sites that covers DnB/dubstep/UK Garage/future-garage and genres in that vein. I would be forever grateful :flower:

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Obviously FACTmag.


I check that daily, along with this forum, xlr8r and RA Advisor, especially in regard to the genres you've mentioned.


There's Red Bull Academy with it's fair share of lectures and mixes.


There was a turntable.fm room I used to be a moderater of that still has a decent facebook group going with good links and shared mixes of future bass/garage (and grime, 2-step, juke, older dubstep, etc). The link is in there, if you have FB.


What else - ah, pitchfork (super apologist disclaimer: it has decent electronic coverage imo) had this now defuct spin off site called altered zones that had some good stuff and there's a similar indie electronic site called gorillavssbear I casually follow.


Years ago I wasted hours on these blogs: http://mutant-sounds.blogspot.com/, http://fm-shades.blogspot.com/ - they ripped and uploaded rare and super obscure vinyl, mostly 70s and 80s, of homemade synth music, prog and psychedelic, electro, experimental, drone, etc from all over the world. I just found out the latter had all its mediafire links suspended :/ If you're into fascinating outsider music, novelty and obscure stuff this is a really fun blog as well: http://blog.wfmu.org/


Good thread idea, I can always use another good resource site to browse.

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