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My latest album has just been released via THEM Records. 8 tracks from myself, plus remixes from Acidburp, Oxynucid, Missqulater, and Kevin Polzer.






1. A Corriander Pelican

2. Feel Good Track of the Year

3. Travels with TORP

4. Long Ride Lullaby

5. Tetrop v9

6. Breakers Mummy

7. Winter Sun

8. Just For You

9. Feel Good Track of the Year (Acidburp remix)

10. Feel Good Track of the Year (Mssq Swag Swing remix)

11. Winter Sun (Kevin Polzer remix)

12. Tetrop (Oxynucid remix)

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oh hell yes! :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9:



get it while you can still contact hautlle via email.



He is about to Gaga this world up!



*waits for newest fashion trend ala hautlle*

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loving the fuck out of this Sheriff! :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9: :emotawesomepm9:



Growing with each listen like a thunder head cloud.



much love and respect always,









Akkad the Orphic Priest


Orphic Priest

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen! It means a lot. Glad you're enjoying :w00t: TORP shall live on forever!


Forgot to mention, big thanks to Mr. Vicetto (http://mr.vicetto.com) for the beautiful artwork! Check out his other works, he's very talented and I'm lucky to have had him do this for me!

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I really dig the Half Life 2 vibes I get from that cover art, well done Vicetto.


I just biked in a Pacific Northwest downpour of rain to pick up a nice bag of cannabis and now I am kicking back, stoking the fire and giving this my first travel with TORP through space and time!



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There haven't been any syncs afaik, do people still even sync? Chatmm is dead now brah, there's hardly ever people in there.

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