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Howdy folks,


So I was browsing Twoism the other day, and came across a post by 2ndMOUSE, who I hadn't heard of before. I have to say I'm really glad I clicked the link. The beats are nice and chunky and the synth work is really dreamy, reminding me in parts of BoC, and parts of Plaid.


I had not come across his work before but I thought I would recommend him on here, cos he has a wealth of free music available as well as a couple of albums that can be purchased digitally (Juno and Bandcamp). I'd urge you to give this guy a listen.




His soundcloud page is http://soundcloud.com/2ndmouse


Some of my favourites from his page


38 Commute


Waifs and Strays


Roswell Diner



Enjoy :D

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