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Is anyone thinking of going to the Bangface weekender in Cornwall- England: 14-16 Sept? I haven't managed to convince any of my friends so I'm looking for somene or peeps to go along with. Only camping tickets are left for 150 sterling.


It's going to be lots of braindance peeps with a Rephlex showcase - peeps like: Aphex Twin, VenetianSnares, µ-ZIQ, Ceephax acid crew, Aleksi Perala, Wisp, Luke Vibert, Tim Exile, Dave Monolith.etc. http://www.bangface....w2012lineup.htm


If interested drop me a note. Cheers.

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Guest Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald

There's quite a few members (including myself) from here going, you might want to have a read through this thread and see what other people are planning :wink:

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cheers. i did do a search on bangface before i opened me topic but i didnt find anything-must not be using searching thingy right.

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