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Ceephax Acid Crew - Bloc. 2012 Acid Waltzer Mixes


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Bloc. 2012 before the meltdown got to experience probably one of the best things ever at a festival: The Ceephax Acid Waltzers Stage (carnival ride with DJ booth in the center)






As the festival had a huge meltdown before the end of the first night and never re-opened for the 2nd, Ceephax and some others who intended to play the Waltzers have uploaded their fun Waltzer mixes so they may be enjoyed!


Ceephax - Acid Waltzer Mix 1 (Warm Up Mix for Friday):



Ceephax - Acid Waltzer Mix 2 (Would have been played on Saturday):



Friends of Ceephax bonus mixes...


2 SOON 4 DARUDE (aka Martin Jowers & Jonathan Valentine) - Waltzer Madness Mix (described as "high octane mid-late 90s cheese-tech"):



ED DMX - Fairground Mix (described as "a load of cheesy tunes to play on a fairground"):


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What? This "stage" in the states would've probably been enough to shut the whole festival down. Friggin awesome though!!!!!!!!!


It's reasons like this that there is now a ceephax forum

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Guest jasondonervan

"Ride While You Rave!"


Cheers for the mixes, shame they didn't get to be used for their intended setting.

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