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Favorite Ceephax track(s)?


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Acid le soken, just because the basslines are so funky.

Also Commuter, because I can play the video to folks unbeknownst of ceephax, and even if they are not immediately converted at least it has enough colour to hold their attention.

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I always skipped over this song after about the first minute, but one time I was too busy with something to change the track and it played all the way through. What a fucking change at 1:56. It's stunning. Now it's one of my favorites.

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Guest CraniumXII

Sho U Rite (Ceephax Mix) is one of my favorites, but it's hard to say. I would really love to hear some more collaborations between Luke and Andy!


Like Squarepusher, he's got so many different styles that he's got something for all of my moods... Here are some of my 'current' favorites...


Essex Remblance

Hull Drum and Bass

Natural Spectrum

Camelot Jostle

Cro Magnox


Probey's Poker

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Castilian, but so many others have mentioned it, so:


Lovejoy Acid


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