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Favorite Ceephax track(s)?

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Acid Le Soken - A perfectly made SH-101 bassline with funky 707/909 drums and 303 lines and (SQ-80 pad?)


That Ceephax Mix on selection sixteen is also tasty. Love when Ceephax do it less funny and more dark afx kind of sound. :)

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Ceephax is godly. Some tracks I like:



Camelot Science

Nordic House

Legendo of Phaxalot

emotinium 2

flight of the condor

probey's poker (vinyl version)

capsule in space


video links for convenience:









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w/ ceephax I always have random tracks just pop out and become my favorite. This one became one of my faves, that descending bassline is just so satisfying.


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I will assume this was one of the videos whose links now are dead, because I can't believe how people could say that other tracks from this EP are better, this one is to me a timeless classic and probably his best.


#2 might be Flogans Code Part 2 which I also didn't see posted (maybe I'm out of touch with the common Ceephax-listening man)



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acid le soken


emotinium 2

lw traveller


pretty much



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I always loved this but I'm not sure if it was ever released. 707 and really fun 303


That's too good to be unreleased.


Same with the first track in this live set. Would love to listen to the proper studio version but haven't been able to find it anywhere in his back catalogue yet:



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On 2/11/2015 at 4:07 PM, MadameChaos said:


Came to post this, and Electric Transit.  I knew both were good.. but listened again to this ep loud today and was blown away by both these tracks.  So many great details in the mix


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