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How Old Are We?


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yeah one can't be sure unless you can remember back to your birth and knew how to read calendars.


thanks for participating Braintree.


and it will get more interesting Eugene, have patience.


Braintree is 27.

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seems like the 27 year olds are the most hilarious ones here at watmm, DISP!


Change your name to Jesus Juice TIMJ.

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28... but weirdos think i'm 18 (or less), so i'm considering becoming an 18-23 year old. i've already told at least two people that i'm 23.

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While buying a 6-pack of beer a few months ago a cashier assumed I was "at least" 30 so she said I didn't need my license out (I place it on the counter at the grocery out of habit). She saw my date of birth and I could see in her face that she felt shitty for saying that. Granted, it was late at night and I hadn't shaven. Still, I miss being carded already.

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