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Christ. - Cathexis Motion Picture Soundtrack

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This doesn't belong in the BoC forum: it seems clear that Horne wants to distance himself from BoC. It's a bit annoying that Parallax plays up the connection, too, though.

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Free streaming of the full album: http://parallaxsound...rist/4560280169


Even though he likes to distantiate himself from BoC it's nonetheless very reminiscent of their sound, which is not a bad thing at all!


Excellent--I was planning on buying a hard copy (my first physical Christ. release, as all the others I purchased electronically), but it's nice to be able to listen to this beforehand. Thanks for sharing, Fredd-E.

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Just giving this my first listen. I like it, seems more direct and flows more than his recent releases, this is more like the early stuff IMO. Fave track is Singular.


BTW you can get this for £4.62 on emusic.

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I got the CD yesterday--before that I had been listening to the soundcloud playlist about a dozen times. Now I have it virtually on a loop. I can't get enough of it.


Also, I'm starting to appreciate the visuals a bit more than I was before. I'm glad that Mr. Christ. is trying out a new source for inspiration. It think it works, honestly, and I don't think that FSOL did a better job with this kind of CG/Real World photography: I recently rewatched the video for "My Kingdom" (I recently got Vangelis's Blade Runner Soundtrack, and I thought that "Rachel's Song sounded like some FSOL I used to listen to in high school--sure as shit, there it was). Anyway, that video did *not* age well at all. Talk about cheese.


Oh, by the way, at this point, I think Christ. deserves a subforum more than BoC. Don't get me wrong; BoC is still among my all time favorite artists, but come on.

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Guest Justin G

yeah i agree with apriorion, there should definitively be a sub-form for Christ here. His latest album deserves that.


Speaking of the video; if you read the info on the album - or record labels site- it says it's a soundtrack album for a Japanese art film called Cathexis so i guess the visuals are not made for the music but the opposite. Christ also explains this in some interviews I've read on his FB-site.

I read on the BoC forum twoism that it is made by Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo. That's not true, It's the work of a japanese/swedish artist called qnq/aujik which been collaborating with christ earlier as well as other electronica artists such as Mira Calix....or at least used their music.

Really don't get the FSOL connection except they are both CG-videos. Been following qnq/aujik since i saw this video called yuki with music by christ. Concept of all the work are AI and nature in various forms..some ideas are quite similar to Vernor Vinge and Kurzweils. Pretty trippy and thought provoking stuff even though some of the CG might not be top notch but on the other hand i guess the budget is very low.

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So the final product was only 10 minutes long after all? I thought it would be around 20 minutes. Anyway, I liked the big picture idea of trying to present an alternative perspective on consciousness through the eyes of a hypothetical alien organization. But the mish-mash of terms kind of threw it off-balance for me. For example, the term "qualia" was mentioned, but it wasn't used properly. I suppose these are difficulties anyone would have with a project like this, but given my background in the philosophy of mind, I had a hard time suspending disbelief. Another factor that threw me off was the timing: scenes didn't seem to breathe on their own long enough. I noticed this with the trailers, too: the songs just seemed to cut off abruptly without any proper fade out, etc. It's a little jarring. That said, I thought the visuals were interesting and weird, and the music was great.

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Guest Justin G

underneath the video it says

"Cathexis is a progressive project and currently the film is 25 minutes and divided in to five clusters:

This 10 minutes version contains 3 of them."

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