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Most Recent Planet Mu Newsletter

Hugh Mughnus

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Not sure if anyone read through the most recent newsletter from planetmu... I know it's not MUCH/I'm grasping at straws here... but maybe, just maybe Mike is hinting at an upcoming album?


From the newsletter/update:


"µ-Ziq a.k.a Mike Paradinas, the founder and owner of Planet Mu will be playing a live set of mainly new unreleased material recorded in the last couple of months. Or maybe he will DJ Chicago Footwork, he too will decide on the night, that's the beauty of live sets by autonomous beings."




If anyone has links to new material after the show plays that would be great.


Edit: does he play unreleased material of his at his sets often?

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If he plays anything recently created, it will probably be Heterotic stuff and not any Kid Spatula/µ-Ziq material I'm guessing.


Im in the dark on this one Joyrex boss... what is Heterotic??

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I think it's a group he is in with his wife and some other person


wow sweet, I didnt even know about this.


Any chance you have links to live sets or something so I can hear some?? Discogs didnt give me much

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i've being spazzing out about the vocal version of rain all day


I guess it's just them two




they've enlisted a vocalist since


as far as i know


there's a mike p mix in the ceephax tba thread in new releases forum with the aforementioned rain track at the end

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edit: in the above soundcloud mix


I think it's one of my favourite tracks of the year


The whole mix is brilliant - what's the song @ 27:30 though? Unreleased?

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I do have a few albums on the go at the moment; a new µ-ziq album which I will play some of at Bangface, a compilation of old (90s) µ-ziq stuff (which I am not 100% happy with yet) and the Heterotic album which is a project with my wife Lara and the singers Gravenhurst and Vezelay.


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