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Nick Edwards - Plekzationz

Guest grue

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New LP on Mego from Nick Edwards, aka Ekoplekz. Four tracks, each over fifteen minutes long:


1. Chance Meets Causality Uptown


2. (No) Escape From '79

3. Inside The Analog Continuum4. A Pedant's Progress


More info on the Mego site (http://editionsmego....lease/eMEGO 145) and previews are up on Bleep (https://bleep.com/release/37446).



It has been quite a prolific year for this guy. Plekzationz is maybe his fifth full length release this year alone (following Skalectrikz, Latent Acid, Mildew Riddims and Nunton Complekz) and his website hints at at least one more LP (Intrusive Incidentalz vol 2) and some others as well, possibly EPs.


Looking forward to hearing him on Mego. Seems like a good fit.

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Really a good release- I love the way he go on this, following more his snuff mill stuff he put up on bandcamp a time ago. I wonder what reason he has to release this under his real name, as it is clearly labelled in sound to Ekoplekz.

There are some clear references to the BBC Workshop as well- some parts are really electronic in sound but assembled in his own style.

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quite pleased with this album. i wasn't sure that the long track lengths would suit him, but i think it works out pretty well. it's only the last track where i feel like it drags a bit. but the rest is great, like some kind of sprawling industrial/prog/krautrock hybrid. the third track in particular might be the strongest thing he's done.

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