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Ceephax - Cro-Magnox


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Please tell me those juke-like beats are not part of the track.


edit: I'm pretty sure the track starting at 2:10 is the Kuedo track.


yeah i think your right, can't imagine ceephax doing juke really



ends aT 2:10

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planet mu? then mike p will be sending tracks back to ceephax goign all 'yo hey man this is too much like tracky acid, change this and that then bring it back to me'. and thats just gay.

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Waltzer release

may I ask where you got the info from ?


Mike P mentioned on chatmm that it wasn't going to be released on planet mu after all. Don't remember the reason.


Now that I think about, I'm not totally sure about the Waltzer thing. Might have been Clone or some other label. Don't quote me on any of this, since it was quite a while ago.


At least the album is still happening.

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